Your First Appointment

At Spondon Dental we welcome new patients of all ages and our new patient full mouth assessment for adult patients costs £50.
You can make an initial consultation appointment by phoning our reception team or fill in the ‘request a call back’ link to ask us to get in touch with you. This appointment will be made with one of dentists and is for a full comprehensive mouth health assessment.

If you have given your email address or mobile telephone number then you will get a reminder before your appointment is due. We advise you to come at least 5 minutes before your appointment.

We take the time to get to know our patients, and will listen to you to understand what really matters to you about your dental health and smile. After your initial consultation your dentist will discuss any treatment you may require, and will give you the information and time for you to make informed choices about your treatment – whether that is general, restorative, preventative or cosmetic dental care.

What happens:

When you visit for your first appointment you will be greeted by our friendly reception team. They will ask you to complete a medical and smile questionnaire form so that your dentist knows about any pre-existing conditions and a bit more about your dental history.

Then you will be introduced to your dentist and their dental assistant who will talk to you to get to know you better and let you ask any questions you might have. Once we’ve answered your questions we’ll carry out a thorough dental health check, including a comprehensive examination of your jaw joints, check the health of the tissues of your cheeks, palate and tongue (including a mouth cancer check), and then assess your teeth and gum health. This will include screening for gum disease, looking for tooth decay, plaque levels, assessing current fillings, looking for tooth wear and cosmetic issues.
Your dentist will share any findings with you as the examination proceeds and will explain if any diagnostic tests are needed; such as X-rays with our digital system. Your dentist will then review your concerns and the examination findings. Treatment options and their likely costs will be discussed with you and a treatment plan is formed.

Our main concern is that you feel happy, confident and relaxed. We are here to take care of you and to address your dental concerns calmly and thoroughly.

Then what happens?:

We will help book your next appointment and fill forms to join one of our dental plans. We will print a treatment plan estimate for your information at the end of your consultation. We are very open and clear about the cost of proposed treatment and give every patient a detailed treatment plan with a written estimate of costs. Your first dental hygiene appointment will be charged whether you book that in with the Dentist or Hygienist.

Occasionally we will ask you to return for further diagnostic tests and consultation if complex treatment is being considered so we can be sure you have all the relevant information to make an informed decision before you commit to proceed. At this point most patients choose one of our fantastic plans because of the great benefits in doing so.