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Dentures are a form of replacement teeth that you can put in and take out. They replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. There two types of dentures; partial and complete. Complete dentures are required when all the teeth are missing whereas partial dentures are for instances where some natural teeth remain.

By restoring missing teeth, dentures enable a balanced diet, and enhance your smile. They are composed of an acrylic or metal base with acrylic teeth, tailored to match your natural teeth colour. They provide essential support to facial muscles; this prevents your face from any sagging caused by tooth loss.

Dentures are a fantastic option that allows you to go on living a full life full of food and confidence. Getting yourself sorted with dentures is simple if you come to us for help.

We also offer cobalt chrome dentures which are supported and hold on to your remaining teeth. We still have teeth set in acrylic as well. We find these dentures to be a particularly good solution when you have a few missing teeth, these are well liked by patients because they fit precisely and are sturdy.

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Worried about unsteady dentures?

Dentures where no teeth are present can shift while eating or talking, causing discomfort, and impacting confidence. 

We offer Denture stabilisation implants, which involve 2 to 4 titanium screws in your jaw that secure your dentures, making daily activities easier. These implants allow you to unclip your dentures at night and reattach them in the morning, providing a reliable solution for unsteady dentures.

We want you to have the perfect fit with your dentures and so in most appointments you will find yourselves trying out moulds and/or samples. While we provide you with what you need it is up to you to get the best out of your dentures. Maintaining cleanliness of both dentures and your mouth is crucial for optimal results.

Your Questions Answered


Taking out and putting in dentures should not be painful. It may be slightly uncomfortable at first as you get used to wearing them.

Taking care of dentures is easy. The only real care you need to take is to keep them clean and do so regularly.

Denture stabilisation implants can provide additional support and stability for dentures especially if you have difficulty with loose or ill-fitting dentures. Your dentist can help in assessing your need for it.

It is important to brush them daily with a soft bristled brush and using a denture cleaner. Soaking them in a denture solution daily helps keep them clean and maintain their shape.

Dentures Treatment

What's the Process?


Schedule your consultation with our dental experts at Spondon Dental.


More precise impressions and bite position recording.


Fitting check of wax-made dentures before processing into acrylic.


Final fitting, with adjustments (if necessary) as they settle in your mouth.