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Composite Bonding

Spondon Dental

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that uses a tooth-coloured resin to correct any irregularities in your smile; our team here at Spondon can help you with chipped teeth, discolouration or even misaligned teeth.

A lot of people are uncomfortable with their smile. Your smile is usually the first thing that people will notice about you and so it plays an important part in your confidence and self-esteem. Composite bonding helps to improve the appearance of your teeth.

What it is

Once you our dentists have finished the procedure for composite bonding and the resin has hardened and set according to our dentist’s specification you ae free to go about your daily routines as usual!
Composite bonding can last quite a few years before needing to be replaced. Good oral hygiene and regular dental checks will ensure that your teeth will continue to look fantastic after treatment.

To see if this cosmetic treatment is for you book your consultation with Spondon Dental now and start your journey to a brighter and more even smile.

Your Questions Answered


Composite bonding is a non-invasive procedure with minimal preparation required and so is not regarded as a painful or uncomfortable treatment.

You can eat most foods with composite bonding however, the same habits that cause natural teeth to degrade will cause composite bonded teeth to degrade faster, as the resin is not as hard as our natural teeth.

Once you have had composite bonding treatment it is advised that you do not have teeth whitened. This is because teeth whitening will only work on your natural teeth and not the resin used for bonding and the colour difference will be apparent.

There are kits available that will allow you to perform tooth bonding at home. However, while they may save you some money there are many disadvantages. These kits are only intended for minor fixes which means, you will not be able to fill gaps or achieve the right colour and look; a dentist will have more tools and better materials to get the look you want.

Composite Bonding Treatment

What's the Process?


Schedule your consultation with our dental experts at Spondon Dental.


We’ll assess your mouth health and make a personalised plan.


Work through the plan together and make sure you’re comfortable.


Enjoy your healthy, radiant smile and boosted confidence!