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Gum Treatment

Spondon Dental

Gum Treatment

Gum disease can be a cause for concern. Our dentists aim to catch it early before it can cause you any serious harm. We offer treatments for this and have the best people at hand to help. We screen for gum disease during routine dental checks. Signs include bleeding, swollen or receding gums, loose teeth, bad breath, or pus from the gums. If you notice these, you should schedule a full mouth assessment with us so we can treat it early and ensure your good oral health.

What is it?

Links between gum disease, heart disease, and Rheumatoid arthritis highlight the importance of managing gum disease. This is why we take such a vigilant approach; we aim to keep you as healthy as possible.

Treating Periodontal disease is a slow process aiming for stabilisation. Our team at Spondon Dental is well-equipped for its management. Treatment involves enhancing oral hygiene, measuring diseased areas, deep cleaning, and regular evaluations to promote healing.

If you suspect you have gum disease, our team at Spondon Dental is here to help.

Your Questions Answered


Symptoms such as swollen bleeding gums may suggest you have gum disease. Other signs are persistent bad breath, loose teeth, gum recession, gaps in your smile or a change in your bite. If you are worried book a visit with us now.

It can be serious. If left untreated it can lead to tooth loss and generally poor oral health. Links have also been made to heart disease.

We can help treat and manage gum disease with proper dental care. Catching it early is key.

People most at risk include those who have poor oral hygiene, smoke, have diabetes or take certain medications.

Gum Treatment

What's the Process?


Schedule your consultation with our dental experts at Spondon Dental.


We’ll assess your mouth health and make a personalised plan.


Work through the plan together and make sure you’re comfortable.


Enjoy your healthy, radiant smile and boosted confidence!