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White Fillings

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White Fillings

Most people end up needing to get a filling or two during their life and you may find yourself in a similar position. There can be varied reasons as to why you may need a filling. Teeth may need fillings due to decay, wear, or fractures. Now, with modern techniques, fillings require less removal of tooth tissue and can match your tooth colour so that your smile can stay beautiful.

What we offer:

Below is an example of a patient who switched from metal to white fillings:

As you can see the change makes a dramatic difference; one that will make you feel more at ease with your smile.

Your Questions Answered


White fillings match more closely to your actual teeth and provide a more natural look compared to traditional fillings. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference.

If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity or if you see visible signs of decay visit us straight away so we can help determine the next steps.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia so you should not feel any pain during the process. Once the numbness wears off you may experience some discomfort which will soon fade.

Yes. The filling procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia unless the treating dentist can see that little preparation is needed.

White Fillings Treatment

What's the Process?


Schedule your consultation with our dental experts at Spondon Dental.


We’ll assess your mouth health and make a personalised plan.


Work through the plan together and make sure you’re comfortable.


Enjoy your healthy, radiant smile and boosted confidence!