At Spondon Dental we understand that many patients are nervous about visiting the dentist as we have helped numerous patients overcome their fears.

Fear of the dentist is the number one reason adults in the UK put off having dental treatment. Ironically, seeking early treatment and attending regularly for dental health checks could prevent many emergencies from arising, and most problems could be resolved quickly and painlessly.

There are many reasons patients fear visiting the dentist. A bad experience in the past, phobia of injections or of the drill, the sounds and smells of the dental surgery and embarrassment about their teeth are just some of the reasons why patients can be afraid to see a dentist.

Our team is highly experienced in treating nervous patients. We like to allow patients to stop at any time. We also have a STOP signal so that if at any time during treatment you feel pain or are uncomfortable, we’ll stop the treatment and do all we can to help, so that you are always in control. We can provide treatment step by step so not overwhelm you and we have on request relaxing music to put you at ease should you need it.

We try to make any injection as painless as possible and our dental nurses are always ready should you need to hold their hand.

We treat all patients with care and respect, and  we want to help you achieve a healthy mouth and happy smile. We would never be judgemental and see patients with many different conditions, so you should never feel embarrassed about coming to us.