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Neel Chudasama


Neel Chudasama

GDC Number: 113996

Qualifications: Leeds Dental Institue BChD

I graduated from Leeds in 2007 and have worked in Nottingham/Derby ever since and joined Spondon Dental In 2011.

I have completed various postgraduate courses over the years including membership to the faculty of Royal Surgeons, a Postgraduate Certificate in Implantology, a 2-year advanced orthodontic IAS course and I’m also a fully trained Invisalign provider.

I have completed hundreds of teeth straightening cases and have even published some of my work.

I find fulfillment in giving people the ability to smile and improving their confidence whilst putting them at ease with my dentistry.

Out fo work, I enjoy travelling and exploring mother earth.

Share something about yourself that no one knows.

A crocodile nearly bit my left foot off in the Amazon

What is your most favourite song?

Lost - frank Ocean

What is your favourite food?

King Prawns and Oysters

What is your favourite movie?

Gladiator and Lion King

What did you want to become when you grew up?

A Brain Surgeon