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Vanessa Hill


Vanessa Hill

I’ve been a patient here at Spondon Dental for many years and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work here as a receptionist in January 2021.

I enjoy being part of a team that delivers a high standard of care throughout and seeing those happy smiling patients.

I always greet patients with a smile and believe in being polite. I show compassion where needed and always want to give the best service to patients.

Outside of work, I enjoy, meeting friends, going for lunch, walking, planning holidays and spending time with my granddaughter.

Share something about yourself that no one knows.

I do voluntary work in my spare time to help people with addictions who need support

What is your most favourite song?

Imagine ( by John Lennon)

What is your favourite food?

Indian food

What is your favourite movie?

Four wedding and a funeral

What did you want to become when you grew up?

A nurse or a Vet