At Spondon Dental, we carry out mouth cancer screening as a standard part of our new patients full mouth assessment and as part of our routine dental health check-up.

Factors such as heavy smoking and heavy drinking are often implicated in oral cancer. It most often affects older people and is slightly more common in men, but like any form of cancer it can affect anyone at any time – young patients who do not smoke, drink or chew tobacco have been diagnosed. For that reason it is vital to attend regular dental appointments and to get anything suspicious checked.

Because smoking is strongly linked with many forms of cancer and other dental problems, we always encourage our patients to quit smoking. An excellent source of information is the Mouth Cancer Foundation if you require any further information.

There are approximately 3,800 new cases of oral cancer in the UK each year, and about 1,700 deaths (which is higher than breast cancer) and that is why it’s important you come regularly as early detection dramatically improves the chances of recovery.

Should your dentist find anything suspicious, they may review that area and call you back a few weeks later, or they will refer you for a consultation at the the Royal Derby hospital.