We work on a membership to the practice in which you join one of our convenient dental plans depending upon your individual needs. Our dental care plans enable us to provide you with a balanced preventative approach to your dental needs, restoring your teeth and smile to full dental health with quality care at an affordable price. We believe that a dental plan is the best way for us to look after the your teeth and mouth by encouraging you to come regularly and help us prevent or detect problems early. Our dental health approach of continuing care can mean:

  • Fewer fillings and less dental decay
  • Less likelihood of tooth pain
  • More attractive teeth
  • Reduced costs
  • Keeping your own teeth for life

We have 5 different plan for you to choose from:

Denture Plan

1 x Dental health check a year

£3.70* per month

Student Plan

2 x combined Dental health checks and hygiene visits with your dentist a year


Care Plan

2 x combined Dental health checks and hygiene visits with your dentist a year

£13.00 per month

Hygiene Plan

2 x Dental health check a year

2 x Hygiene visits withe the Therapist/ hygienist

£14.30 per month

Perio Plan

2 x Dental health check a year

4 x Hygiene visits with the Therapist/ hygienist

£20.50 per month

*The Denture plan is only applicable for those people who only have one or no teeth remaining and to be eligible for the student plan you must be 18-25 years of age and in full time education.

The benefits of the Plan membership include:

  • Dental health checks with one of our UK qualified experienced Dentists and hygiene visits included depending upon your plan with more time to help prevent decay and gum disease.
  • 20% discount off any laboratory-based treatments required, i.e. crowns, bridges, dentures.
  • 20% discount off any fillings.
  • 20% discount off other dental work (extractions, etc.).
  • 20% discount off any additional hygienist work.
  • 20% discount off whitening.
  • Free assessment of emergencies and dental pain during normal practice hours.
  • Free access to emergency slots during normal practice hours.
  • Free dispensing of most Antibiotics.
  • Free all intra-oral radiographs where clinically necessary.
  • 12 month guarantee on all restorative work (provided due care is taken)
  • A convenient payment scheme for routine treatment.
  • Worldwide Trauma and Emergency Scheme. To protect against large unforeseen accidental damage and request assistance in costs should you need a dentist in an emergency.
  • The Scheme also can assist in the monthly costs for one year if you become redundant.

20% discount does not apply to implants, orthodontics, and some cosmetic work.

If you do not wish to join the plan then there is an annual membership of £35  and you will have to pay for treatment without a 20% discount and also pay the full fee for regular dental health checks, hygiene visits, x-rays, antibiotics and emergency appointments, however this usually works out more costly.