Unfortunatley at times teeth can not be saved and have to be extracted to remove the pain and infection in your mouth.

We always use a local anaesthetic to make it as pain free as possible. Once the tooth has been removed we would make sure the socket it clotted and you feel okay to go home. It is sensible to have someone with you to take you home.

We would request that you have a light bite before you come and see us for the appointment and make sure you have no plans for afterwards as you will need rest and soft foods.

At times we may need to refer  you to a specialist who routinely takes complex teeth out with difficult roots.

Once you have had the tooth out the bone remodels and heals over a period of a few months.  If you want to have the gap filled the options available are a denture, bridge, implant or leave the gap as it is.

If you really don’t want your tooth out speak to your dentist as root treatment maybe an alternative to keep the tooth.