We believe in prevention and to look after your mouth so that problems are less likely to occur. We have a Dental therapist (Allie) and a Dental Hygienist (Antonia) that both give dental hygiene appointments to ensure your mouth is clean and to guide you in keeping your mouth as plaque free as possible.

Plaque is complex system of bacteria and food in a matrix which can sit on your teeth, gums, crowns, fillings, bridges, implants and dentures. Removing plaque that forms regularly will help to reduce problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, crown and bridge failures. Our Hygienists are trained to be able to give you tailor made advice and to remove plaque from your mouth.

If plaque is left it then becomes hard because of the salts present in saliva and food, this is called tarter and cannot be removed by a tooth brush. Tarter can be yellow, orange, brown or black in colour and can attract further plaque because of their rough surface making gum disease more likely. At your hygiene appointment this tarter will be removed using specialist dental equipment and then your teeth will be polished.

We also have two dental plans available in which you can see the hygienist regularly; The Hygiene Plan and the Perio plan (where you have a hygiene clean every 3 months), click here for more information.