The first step to a healthy happy smile is to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. To do this you’ll need to book in for a dental health check.

During the appointment, we will do the following:

  • Talk to you and check your medical history and lifestyle to rule out any risk factors for your general/oral health
  • Check the external appearance of your smile
  • Check your jaw joint and then feel under the jaw to see if there are any lumps or swellings
  • Make sure your tongue, lips, cheeks and skin are all healthy and look for any signs or oral cancer
  • Look at your bite and check that you don’t have any problems or pain
  • Check the stability and health of any dentures, bridges, crowns and fillings you may have
  • Look for plaque, signs of tooth decay and screen for gum disease
  • You may also need some X-rays so your dentist can check in between your teeth, under your fillings and make sure your bones are strong and healthy

We will then advise you if any further appointments are needed and explain any treatment that is required. Regular dental health checks allow us to detect problems early and give you tailor made advice to improve your dental health.